Top 10 Richest Football Club in the World

By | 5th July 2017

Top Richest Football Club in the World:

Richest club means top class players, nice facilities and high salary for players and workers. Most of the clubs are owned by billionaires and stakeholders. So today we’re going to talk about top richest football club in the world.

So let’s start our journey of the richest football club in the world.

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10. Tottenham Hotspurs [$1.017 B]


Popularly known as Tottenham or Spurs is owned by British billionaire Joe Lewis. It was founded in 1882 and plays in the English Premier League in Europe. Hart Lane, England is their’s home stadium.  The team is worth $1.017 billion.

9. Juventus [$1.299 B]

Juventus is a pro football club in Turin, Piedmont. It was founded in 1897 by some Torinese students. They have won over 31 Series A titles and many other awards.  They have a worth over $1.299 billion.

8. Liverpool F.C [$1.49 B]

Liverpool is owned by Fenway Sports group with John W. Henry. They play for English side. This club has won 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 18 League titles and much more. The club’s net worth is around $1.49 billion.

7. Chelsea [$1.84 B]

Chelsea is owned by a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and based in Fulham, London. Founded in 1905, Chelsea has won 4 premier league titles, 7 FA cups and a whopping UEFA Champions League and over 21 trophies. Their net worth is $1.84 billion.

6. Arsenal [$2.017 B]

Based in Highbury, London. Arsenal plays in the Premier League. They have earned 12 FC cups including 13 league titles. Forbes has enlisted Arsenal among the two English clubs. They have a total net worth of $2.017 billion.

5. Manchester City [$2,08 B]

Notably, the club was known as Ardwick Association Football team now popularly known as Manchester City and has grabbed no 6 position on the list of richest club in the world. It was founded in 1880. This club has won 5 FA cups,  4 Football cups and much more. Manchester is owned by Abu Dhabi group & has a net worth of $2.083 billion. 

4. Bayern Munich [$2,71 B]

F.C Bayern Munich is based in Munich, Germany, which plays in the Bundesliga. They are one of the best football clubs in Germany. Over 27 national titles & 18 national cups have been won by Bayern Munich. They are worth $2,71 billion.

3. Real Madrid [$3,580B]

Because of their tremendous performance and hard work, Real Madrid is the second richest football club in the world. Featuring Christiano Ronaldo. Based in Madrid, Spain this club has been maintaining this position over the years. The club is owned by more than 85K members. Real Madrid has won 33 La Liga titles, 9 Supernova de España, 63 major trophies and much more. 

2. Barcelona [$3,635 B]

Based in Barcelona, Spain, this famous club features the most loved players including Lionel Messi & Neymar. Founded in 1899 by a Swiss Group. This is also a most valuable sports team, worth $3.635 billion. They have won 29 Copa Del Rey cups, 24 La Liga titles, 3 UEFA Champions League titles.

1. Manchester United [$3.69 B]

Nicknamed as Red Devils. Manchester United s based in Old Trafford, England. This club has won Premiership title 20 times, European Cup 3 times, FA Cup 12 times and ultimately has a total net worth of $3.69B. First time in five years, Manchester United is the world’s most valuable team.

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