Best Places for Paragliding in India

By | 15th May 2017

Best Places For Paragliding In India

Paragliding is becoming popular among young generation. It is one of the best adventure sport. The feel of flying like a bird in the air is just incredible. The fresh environment energises the body and mind as well. If you also love adventure and looking for places,  then I must say you’re at the right place. And if someone who’s got issues with height, I can assure you once you’ve hurled off the cliff it’s just about the most fun you’re likely to have.

I’m sure now you might be excited. We’ve enlisted Best Places for Paragliding in India. 

We’re including prices as well but these may vary a/c time or company/person you’re hiring & some other conditions. We’re adding prices a/c our knowledge but we can’t assure you the prices listed below are the exact prices.

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1.Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh

You probably have heard of this place. It is located in Kangra Valley, and well known for paragliding & trekking destination in India. So this is a place you must for paragliding as well as trekking. Bir & Billing are different places distant about 14 Km from each other. You can visit here if you’re coming to Dharamshala or Manali. Right time to visit here is from October- June. It is located at an altitude of nearly 1530 m. Flight time will last for 30-60 min – 2-3 hrs based on your package. Being a Himachali I can assure you it’s a great place.

The approximate price would be around 2500-3000.

2. Kunjapuri, Uttrakand

Kunjapuri  is another best place for paragliding in India. Located among Shivaliks. It’s also a nice place for trekking. It offers mesmerizing panoramic view of Gangotri, Banderpunch  and many other peaks as you rise up in the sky. This makes paragliding a wonderful experience especially at the time of Sunset & Sunrise. Best time to visit here is from October- May. Every year many competitions are held for Paragliding and other sport activities. 

Approximate price for 20-30 minute flight is 1200-1500/person.


Despite of its tiny size. third highest peak of India is locates in India. Sikkim is well reputed for its cleanliness and scenic beauty & visited by adventure seeker from all over the globe. It is a great place for paragliding. Best time to visit here is from October – June.Pleasing view of Himalyan Mountains and tiny villages is simply breathaking. The altitude is about 2200 m, You can see the whole valley beneath you. 

Different companies shows different prices according to their packages. But the average price is 2500/person for medium flight.

4.Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Nandi Hills, located 60 Km from Bangalore in the district of Chikballpur. It is ecstatic for every adventure enthusiast. Many professional paragliders prefer Nandi Hills due to the ideal terrain for paragliding. Ideal time to visit here is Nov- May. Flying freely above 4600 feet above the sea level is a thrilling experience indeed. As Bangalore is a famous city, Tourist from different places frequently visits here.

Approx. price is 2700-3000/person.

5.Pavana, Maharashtra

This is probably the only place for paragliding in Western India. This paragliding destination is near Pavana dam which allows the para-glider the magnificent sight of Panama River especially during Sunset. It is above 300 feet from the ground level. This site is perfect for paragliding with easy takeoff areas. The nearest airport is about 10 Km away & the distance by road is also quite short. which makes it more reliable for visitors. Ideal time to visit is December – May. The Pavana Paragliding packages are most convenient for hassle free holidays.

A basic package would cost around 2500/person or less whereas advance would cost 3000/person. 

6. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri, is a hill station located Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. It is the top flying destination in South India. This place is ideal for paragliding enthusiasts, because there is a Club named Yelgiri Club which provides professional equipment & instructors. If you’re a paragliding enthusiast then it’s the place you must visit. Adjacent to Paragliding visitors can also attempt rock climbing which is well known and throughout the year many people come for these sports. Paragliding from the tallness of 2000 ft, adventure lover could uncover the loftiness of the surrounding.

Average cost for paragliding would be around 1500/person.

We hope we’ve provided enough information. In a case of any query or any suggestion kindly comment below & If you think some places are missing from the list. Please feel free to correct us. 

We’re very happy to assist you. 

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