Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In India

By | 17th May 2017

Top 5 highest paying jobs in India: Choosing your career is as important as working hard. The career you choose after high school will led to a happy or even a miserable life if chosen wrong. In today’s world I think money is first and foremost need. Without money nothing can be done easily. So first question comes in mind when deciding career is which field should I choose so that I get a highest paying job. Don’t worry we will tell you the highest paying jobs in India.

But as everyone advises you, you should follow your heart, you must choose a career in which you feel happy in doing your job. Always choose a field in which you can work without being tired, the work you love. I know money is essential but happiness is as important as money. 

 I love a quote by Napoleon Hill “There is no such thing as Something for Nothing”

Always keep in mind, every field needs dedication and hard-work. You must be willing to sacrifice your comfort zone in order to achieve something.

Enough philosophy ! 😛

So down below is the list of top 5 highest paying jobs in India.  

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Highly paying Jobs In India

1.Management Professionals

These are the soul of any organisation. This profession demands a lot of hard-work although you will get paid more than that. Though many institute offers degree in this field. But your chances of getting  good package will be higher if you pursue graduation/post graduation from reputed institutes like IIMs, IITs XLRI. People will not pay you what you know, they will pay you what you do for them- Napoleon Hill.

Annual Salary for this profession is-

Entry Level-3,00,000

Mid level-25,00,000

Experienced level-80,00,00


2.Investment Bankers

Nick-named as “Money Man”. They raise capital for the company and gives financial advise. There are five level in this field 

  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Vice President 
  • Director
  • Managing Director

Salary will gradually increase as the post increases. 

Annual salaries are- 

  • Analyst – 5 Lakh – 10 Lakh
  • Associate – 7 Lakh – 13 Lakh
  • Vice President – 10 Lakh – 40 Lakh
  • Director – 12 Lakh – 40 Lakh +
  • Managing Director – 15 Lakh – 50 Lakh +

Mainly salaries will depend upon one’s experience and knowledge.

3. Chartered Accountant (CA)

A job of a Chartered Accountant is one of the most respected jobs in India. These have to work in all the fields of business and finance including taxation, audit, financial and general  management. They need to hold a good command over business and accountancy. They need to be extraordinary well groomed.

Salary of A Chartered Accountant is (per annum) –

Entry level-  5,50,000

Medium level- 12,80,000

Experienced level- 26,70,000

4.Business Analyst

As the competition is increasing in the market, demand of a good analyst is also increasing. Companies are demanding business analyst with logical mind and high IQ’s. These are expected to be good at mathematical concept, problem solving, adapting & willing to learn new technology.

The salary of a business analyst (per annum) is approximately about more than 6-7 Lakh even at beginner level.

5.Medical Profession

The person in Medical Profession provides preventive/curative care services in a systematic way to people. This is a evergreen profession. The demand for a good doctor can never stop. But competition is also very high. As around 12 Lakh students appears for NEET Entrance Exams and out of which only 2-3 Lakhs gets selected.

If you love to help people then you must pursue this profession. Specialization in a specific field is more in demand and get paid more than a simple doctor. So be careful in choosing specific field.

Salary in this field is –

General practice- 4,80,000+
General Surgeon- 8,10,000+
Medical doctor- 17,00,000+

Some other reputed  professions are

  • Oil and Natural Gas sector professional
  • IT & Software Engineers
  • Aviation Professional
  • Business Consultant
  • Modeling & Acting

Lastly, every profession needs determination of doing something different. If you couldn’t get into a good college, No problem if you’re truly determined of doing something in your life then it doesn’t matter where you have pursue your graduation. The only thing that counts is your knowledge. Latest technologies have made our life very simple. If you want to learn something, learn it from YouTube, there are plenty of platforms which teaches online. But should have spirit of learning. 

“It’s never too late to start over,

If you weren’t happy with yesterday,

try something new today.

Don’t stay stuck, do better” 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this article. I’m very happy to assist you.

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