Top 10 Smartphone tricks you should know


Top 10 Smartphone Tricks you should know:

Smartphone users are increasing day by day. These are coming with the features that we didn't have imagined before like heart rate monitors, fingerprint scanner etc. Even if you're a regular smartphone geek you probably don't know each and every smartphone tricks. There are plenty of ways you can use a smartphone. 

So let's get started with our top 10 smartphones tricks you should know.

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1. Use remind me later option when you skip calls

I think this feature is only available for iOs users. But I'm not sure. There may be an app in PlayStore. So you might be wondering what this feature is? 

This feature is quite similar to an auto reply feature. It will remind you after some time as set by you. If you've a habit of forgetting things like me then this feature can be very useful to you.

2. Put your contact details on lock screen

Using this feature can be very helpful. Keep your contact details on the lock screen. In case you lose your phone & if someone else finds it they can contact you. Make sure to enable this feature in setting on ANDROID, health on iPhones.

3. Use aeroplane mode while charging your phone

If your phone takes a lot of time charging then you must try this trick. By keeping your phone on your aeroplane mode it will consume less battery.

Digg deeper: But if you keep your smartphone on aeroplane mode you won't be able to receive calls but if you own two phones then enable call forwarding option in setting to your other phone which is turned on. Kudos !!

4. What to do when network frequently changes to 2G, 3G, 4G

Actually, this happens in the area where the network connection is very low for 3G, 4G and always get changes to 2G. 

Open your dialer>>type>>*#*#4636#*#*>>select your network>>change it to GSM/WCDMA/LTE Only. Boom !! The problem is solved.

5. Record screencast

Via YouTube gaming app on Android, you can easily record the screencast or by plugging your iOS to a Mac and select it as the source in QuickTime.

6. Use your voice to turn off the WiFi

This feature is available for almost every smartphone. Your personal assistants Siri, Google, Cortana can turn off WiFi. Just launch the app and say "Turn of WiFi." 

Cool huh! You can use many other things using your voice command. Just take some time and talk to your personal assistant. You will find out.

7.Have you ever played the inbuilt game in Android

I think most the people don't know about these smartphone tricks

Go to setting>>About phone>>Press your Android 4-5 times. A game will appear on the screen. Each Android version has a different game & I found it very difficult to play.

Are you a pro gamer? try your hand at this.

8.What to do when phone's radio doesn't work without earphone?

If radio doesn't work without earphones. Then here is the 100% working trick. 

If you have earphones which don't work. Don't throw them. Cut out the jack (part which we plug in the phone)

It will work as an antenna. Hence you can listen to the radio without the hassle of those long wired earphones assuming you don't have wireless earphones.

9. Restrict/disable background data for unneccessary apps.

It makes sense when giving permission to those apps which work in the background like Gmail, Social Media but other work unnecessarily in the background and uses your data and battery usage. So turn off them in the setting section>>autostart or restrict data usages for a particular app.

10.Never use task killers, clean master on daily basis

If you use apps like task killer or clean master on daily basis then stop doing, it can harm your phone. The reason is, when you use'em it stops the apps almost completely and next time when you start that killed app, your phone will need more memory and power to run that app.

It is better to use these task killer apps once in a week then switch off your phone and charge it fully. By doing this you can keep your darling safe 😛

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