Top 3 Places to Visit in Himchal Pradesh


Top 3 Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh: Himachal is the northern Indian state. This is the home of conspicuous mountain town,resorts. It also has a strong Tibetan presence,which is signified by its Buddhist Temples & Monasteries as well as vigorous New Year celebration. Himachal Pradesh has

  • 33 Sanctuaries
  • 2 national parks
  • A hidden village which is ANA as The Village of Taboos
  • 11th rank in literacy rate in India after having literacy rate of 83.78%.
  • Imposed a ban on production, storage, use, sale and distribution of all types of polythene bags.

Now the places listed below are the 3 must visit places to visit in Himachal Pradesh & some amazing facts related about each place.

Top 3 Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh



The ravishing beauty of Shimla made British declare the land as their summer capital. It's also the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The hill station offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges.

These are the leading destination in Shimla.

  • Jakhoo Hill
  • Chadwick Falls
  • The Ridge
  • Naldehra and Shaily Peak
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Study
  • Wild Flower Hall
  • Christ Church
  • Shimla State Museum
  • Annandale
  • Kufri

Facts about Shimla

  • It has the oldest post office in the northern India.
  • It is the most populated hill station.
  • Haunted tunnel of Kalka-Shimla Railway Station
  • At a distance of about 50 Km, there is a place called TATAPANI, which is believed as very high medical value for skin. (If you visit Shimla then you can visit there also it's a nice place)`

2.Manali (India’s Honeymoon Capital)

Manali is a high altitude Himalayan resort town. It is very popular as a Honeymoon destination. The landscape here is breathtaking and has been blessed with the beauty of nature. Set on the Beas River, it’s a gateway for skiing in the Solang Valley and trekking in Parvati Valley. It’s also a jumping-off point for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains. It also offers you chance to ascertain your fitness with various adventures activities. These are some leading destination for you to enjoy.
  • Jana Falls
  • Van Vihar National Park
  • Himvalley Amusement Park
  • Jogini Waterfall
  • Beas Kund
  • Hadimba Temple
  • Rahala Falls
  • Solang Valley
  • River Beas
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Pin Valley National Park

Facts about Manali

  • Rohtang Pass- literally means a pile of the corpse, because due to bad weather many people has died while crossing this pass.
  • Vashisht Temple- which is believed to be more than 4000 years old.
  • River Rafting-Private operator runs the river rafting at Pirdi, and starts at 10 AM every day
For more details of this beautiful destination visit here.

3.Khajjiar (Mini Switzerland)

Khajjiar is a lavish green hill station. It is famous for its zorbing (a sport in which the person is secured inside a large transparent ball and rolled on the ground,hills. It is also a winsome place for picnic. Its magnificence attract tourists from all over the world.The best time to visit here is from March-June, but you can visit in the winter season also.

Some of the leading places in khajjiar

  • Khajjiar lake and ground
  • Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary
  • Khajjiar Nag Temple
  • Beautiful Khajjiar villages

Facts about Khajjiar

  • Khajjiar is among the 160 locations in the world that bear topographical resemblance with Switzerland.
  • Since it is situated at the base of the Dauladhar mountains, the tourists here can get panoramic views of the mountains.

We know there are many other places which should be on the list but these are the Top 3 Places which are admired all over the globe.

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