Maintaining a long distance Relationship

By | 6th December 2017

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Talking about relationships we always have in our mind that nothing is permanent in this world.  But if you wish you can have your partners until the last breath.  It’s all in your hand.  The way you treat your other half.  We always think that is he/she cheating on us or what is going in his/her mind.  I will tell you many ways to be happy and make your relationship better with time
Many people always think that long distance relationship will not work out but I will only say it will not be easy task
 “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous

So let’s start our today’s post about Maintaining a long distance relationship.

1. The very first issue is Trust

No matter what happens you always need your trust your partner if you want to be happy.  Never stop him/her from making new friends.  Always express your feelings and ask about the feeling of others.  Remember that even a single obstacle can become a mountain if you an apart.  Always be loyal. If anyone of you is not a loyal in the relationship. It will become worse than hell for you.  If you had a sexual relationship thane feel open to share your feelings with your partner that what was that. Was it only like booty calls” and “friends with benefits” or you really want to live together.  Make your relationship top priority.  Your priority will make your partners think that you really want to be with his/her.  As if you are losing a priority just tell your partner about the change.  Try not to give all your time to other people and all your energy in other work.  Sometimes you need to find a way to make a call even during your busy time. This will make your partner happy and think you really want him/her.  
The biggest thing which is ended is trust because in a new place you will meet new friends.  But you always require lots of patience, trust, and understanding from both of side. 

2. Time

People having long distance relationship always demand for time.  You always need to do the best for your partner to give him/her quality time.  Talk about your problems, your experience, your new friends,
Always express your emotions. Since you will not be able to physically see each other your relationship will be depended upon your ability to talk.  Never hide any security from each other.  Set a time each day to have a time together which you can enjoy and no one will disturb you Share and exchange random pics.  
Talk about your feelings, be honest about them  

3. Always have trust in what your partner is doing

Sometime your partner will be busy or will be in any work you need to understand the importance of each other work.  If he or she really loves you they will always find the way to say it.  Make a clear argument if you are having problems with any of your partner work if you don’t do so your trust will not be so solid
If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they were.
– Richard Bach
the argument may lead to a big fire in relationship .always remember that if bad time will come in your partner’s life you will help him/her.

4. Never hide anything from your partner

We hide secret from our partner and for that we had to lie.  And if you got caught you will have an issue with trust.  For example, never lock your phone from your partner everyone has privacy but if you do so that means you are having an issue with trust.  If you have real trust than the person will respect your privacy even after knowing all you’re secret.   

5. Don’t play the power game

 Don’t play the game to see who love you more.  This can lead you to talk about breakups never make the count of your msg or calls It’s not always that they are ignoring you so you will ignore them.  You need to understand why the ignorance was there.

6. What if someone else comes in your or his/her life?

As you are away from your partner sometimes when things are not so good there is a chance that someone might enter your life.  At that stage, you will find someone else always for you in place of your partner.  At that moment you need to focus on what you want and try not to ignore your partner for someone else.  And if you start ignoring your partner for someone else then kindly inform him/her at this time you are not doing anything right with his life
Always remember possessiveness always destroy the love of your relationship let her hang out with his /her friends and love 
At the end, it’s only the thing that if your partner left you for no reason don’t feel sad. You can’t force someone to be in your life but it your love was genuine they might get it and come back to you. You can’t change what happened but learn from your mistake and grow up
Never change your partner for you or never change yourself for your partner 

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