How to score good marks

By | 16th December 2017

How to Score Good Marks

I am here to discuss some points which will make your study fun. We often took study as a burden on us but actually, we can convert it into fun. Basically what I want to say is that how we can enjoy the study. So do you want to know how to score good marks? huh!

First and foremost the important thing is that you choose the subject you like the most.  Some like physics, chemistry, and my favorite are maths, so I always start with math. Focus on your favorite topics make a plan of study, always work according to your plan give more time to your favorite subject. Practices more there are many types of learning a topic. Always try to write what you learn.

Make yourself free from all other tension. Whatever you do is only to make your life perfect.  We don’t know what is going to happen next, but we always make a perfect plan for future just focus on your aim. Then your job will also be not like a burden on you. You will love your job, and you will be satisfied with your salary, and you will enjoy the work. so finally work on these tips an know how to score good marks

Here’s a list of things that how you can make study fun

1. Study what you like the most

This simply means that study what subject you love. This will increase your interest in a particular subject, and you can choose that subject for your higher studies. Never lose interest in a particular topic. Always try to score a good grade on your favorite subject. This will Boost your moral and make your favorite subject crystal clear you must not have any doubt on that subject.

2. Keep time for extra activitieshow to score good marks

Apart from studies, you must Carry On extracurricular activities. Always give your some time for other activities. Your brain needs rest it needs rest from all the things it has done. For that, you can relax your body and mind but just doing extra activities keep revising your topics in your mind.

3. Always be confident

When you are going for test make yourself free from each and every tension and be confident for your answer. Remain self-motivated. Try to recheck your answers while in a test don’t waste your time thinking about other things go with an idea that you can do it.You can gain confidence by teaching others, this will also improve your knowledge.Try to study at that time in which your examination will be held on.For example, if you have an exam from 9 to 12 then at your vision  time make a plan to study any topic from 9 to 12 without any break this will help you bring to work daily at that time and will improve your calculations.


4. Revision is most important

While revising for your test study will be like fun to you if you know the topic if you are Masters on that topic than it will be easy for you. Your revision must be proper and accurate and up to the point. Only go for quality content. What you are revising is important. Revise the topic which is important for the exam. Don’t waste time on the topic which has fewer values, which carries fewer marks. Try to make the list of things which you want to revise and plan ahead.Some people try to memorize the topic but that’s not the good way, you might get in trouble at exam time so make your focus and understand things well. This will also help you gain confidence. We often say we work hard but fail the thing is we focus on memorizing thing and not understanding them .for revision you can also use different books to solve problems and hence gain more idea about that topic.

5. Be Hygienic

Before the exam, if you fall ill then all your hard work will go in vain. So make sure that you keep yourself fit and fine. Take proper sleep. Average sleep must be up to 6 to 8 hours. Take proper food. Never miss a diet. Drink proper amount of water daily. Don’t change your eating and sleeping habits just before the can remember more information if you are healthy so take good care of yourself.

I hope you’ve got something out of this article How to score good marks.

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