How To Improve Your Relationship [5 effective Steps]

By | 14th June 2017

5 Simple Techniques for How To Improve Your Relationship: Sometimes it is difficult to be together in a relationship but true love for each other holds you and if you want to have someone in your life then  you must be aware  of these 5 things which everyone wishes to have a perfect relationship

A relationship is always perfect when both want it to be perfect and the biggest thing is that both try to understand each other. There are some important things that will lead your relationship to that level, which you wishes to have. These 5 things will make a big difference in your relationship. For a good relationship, you must know each other for what they are not for what you want them to be.

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1.Positive Attitude

Positive attitude

For having a good relationship, must be a positive attitude.  Remember, never force your partner to do anything which he/she doesn’t want to do.  If you do so it can irritate him/her or hurt his/her ego. They may start to ignore you.You should try to understand what is the importance of the things that your partner is doing.  

Sometimes, complimenting on their looks or something they do can make them feel special. If possible, then drop a text message saying good morning, good night or how they doing. This simple message can make their day.

Tell them how important they are whenever you get the chance.  This will make them feel that you really want them to be a part of your life.  


Care theviralwhirl

Hugs, holding hands, cuddling is also a good way to show your love and affection.Some researchers have found that cuddling helps you to release your pain. It can help building a healthy relationship as your partner will feel happy in your arms. Having a good communication is also an essential thing.   

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Researches shows that cuddling release Oxytocin which is a hormone that make you feel good and help you feel connected to others.

3. Time together


This thing is important. It will improve your important in their life. But keep in mind, that the time you spend must be a quality time.  In the starting of a new relationship people  always try to give their  100% time to their partner but as the time passes they don’t even give their attention. The reason could be his/her work, family problem or some other thing. So always share your problem with your partner even if you know they can’t do anything but it will increase affection in your relationship.

As I stated earlier, Your aim should be to spend a quality time. The time which both the person requires.

Remember, time spent together is not like watching  T. V together or like sitting next to one other and working on your own project or talking to someone else. But talk to your partner ask then something they love, their hobbies, what they like what they don’t, about their family etc. It will make them feel you’re always interested in them.

4. Helping each other

helping each other theviralwhirl

They will feel happy if you help them in things like cooking food, in an assignment,  helping in a project, helping your partner in any field.  An act of service is the biggest way to show your love to your partner. And also an important thing is to appreciate their aid Your little appreciation will tell them that this was really a great effort to make you happy. With all this, you will discover  a new live language

Always remember that there is a difference in these act of service and being a slave.  I am not telling you to be a slave.  Demands always  give your love a bad angle to look. “plz do it for me “or these type of words are not to be used when you are talking in the language of love.  Never force your partner to do a favour for you just help him/her enjoy their  own life and you will definitely earn important in their life.

Always  think of the little  things  that will make your  partner  happy  and always  remember  that what is the main reason for your happiness

5. Gifts

Gifting theviralwhirl

Even if your partner doesn’t like to have gifts but, those little gifts will always remain as a sweet memory in your lives. Wishing on birthdays, anniversary even buying a flower or something else will strengthen your relationship.  

As I stated before always make them realise that they are special for you & gifting is one of the best ways to show your love. But please don’t spend beyond your mean’s. Be genuine, who you are.


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