Solved ! DNS Server isn’t responding

DNS- Server isn't responding

DNS Server isn't responding issue solved:

A few days back, I encountered the same problem. After searching for maybe two hours I finally found the solution. I found it with very difficulty. So I decided to write it here so you can get it easily. I'm writing the solution which worked for me. I hope it also works for you. Let's solve this (DNS server is not responding)

Please follow each and every step written below

Method 1 [DNS Server is not responding]

  • Make sure your internet connection is connected.
  • Head over to RUN programme Press WINDOW Key + R
  • Type ncpa.cpl. Then Click OK.
  • It will open your NETWORK CONNECTION tab.
  • Now, select the network connection you are using. If you're using ETHERNET select it & if you're using WIFI select it & right click on it >Properties>Scroll down>>Internet Protocol Version 4 Select it>> Click properties.

DNS-server-isn't responding-soluton

  • This is the main step to solving this problem so be careful.
  •  Select>> Use the following DNS Server addresses.

DNS-server-isn't responding-soluton

  • In Preferred DNS server: type 208 . 67 . 222 . 222
  • In Alternate DNS server: type 208 . 67 . 220 . 220
  • Make sure you've filled the correct server as above.
  • Press>>OK>>Close
  • Go to your network connection>>disconnect your network connection and connect again. 

It was the most effective method that has worked for me, If it doesn't work for you then try these method. ( After applying the method above make sure you power off your P.C)

Method 2 [DNS server is not responding]

  • Remove the power cord.
  • Wait for 20-seconds after that reconnect the cord.

Method 3 

  • Try reconnecting any other device with the same network.

Method 4

Use any other browser. If you are using Firefox you should try using Google Chrome. Or clear caches of the current browser.

I hope these methods has worked for you. If you've any query feel free to comment below.

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