How to deal with Criticism

By | 24th December 2017

5 Secrets to Deal With Criticism

Being afraid of criticism is doing more harm than any disease. People love to meddle and criticize. Of course, it makes them feel superior. We are the creature of emotions so we feel bad being criticized. Today I'm going to share some proven ways to deal with criticism, it requires patience and practice to master. I'll be picking some of the famous quotes from the Evergreen book of Dale Carnegie "How to stop worrying and start living". So let's start our today's article journey of "How to deal with criticism" 

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1. Take it as a disguised compliment

There is a very famous saying that nobody kicks a dead dog which means if you're being criticized by someone if means that you're doing something different. You just have to change your perspective towards the opinions of your enemies. Don't feel bad just remember one thing when you get criticized

It means that you're accomplishing something that is worthy of attention. Something good.

2. Criticism helps you to be better

I love quotes because they describe knowledge of the world in just a few words.

The opinions of our enemies are nearer to the truth about us than the opinions of our own.

Read the above quote again and try to understand it before reading further.

Albert Einstein, one of the genius mind we ever had, once admitted that 90% of his conclusions were inaccurate. He was humble enough to admit that so how can we say we're always perfect. If someone is criticizing you, take it as a motivation to improve yourself.

3. Criticism reveals the character

You may have understood what I'm going to say. Criticism revels the character of the person, what he thinks about you. It reassures you that you're on a right path. But not always the person is jealous of you. Sometimes S/he might be doing it to fuel motivation in you or for your good. Choose your friends wisely it plays an important role in one's life. Helping, motivating surrounding will tend to enhance your optimism.

4. Connect with the person

You will get more criticizers as you move further in your life. Don't be afraid of it ask the person what is the reason behind the criticism. What are the things that you can improve? and implement it. Many famous people have adopted this method to improve themselves. It is similar to getting a feedback for a product in a business. You improve your product with the help of your customers.

5. Just laugh

Yes, you read it right! Instead of getting into an argument it is the best way to deal with criticism. If the other person is an enthusiastic criticizer then no matter how you defend yourself he will criticize you anyway. So it is better to ignore the criticism with a laugh. Don't you like the main motto of this method?

You can answer the man who answers you back but what can you say to a man you "just laughs"?

I hope you're going to implement these methods in your life. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below and also tell us your ways "How you deal with criticism"?

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