Best Vocabulary Builder Apps 2017


Best Vocabulary Builder Apps 2017English is one of the widely spoken language in the world. Most of the  people can speak & understand English.Whether you're a student, teacher or some reputed company employee. You will have to be a wordsmith in order to stand apart from the others. Because of our busy life, we hardly get time to learn new words and improve our vocabulary. But new technology development now ensures you that you can easily build your vocabulary without having to enrol in a class. Above all these apps make learning, even more, fun, all you need is a minute or two. Below are the best vocabulary builder apps

1. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

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This is the best app for all age groups. It has over 1200+ words. It comes with three sections Basic, Intermediate & Advanced. Especially it has a special section for students which helps them to prepare for various competitive exams like GRE, SAT, TOEFL. You can track your daily progress what you study. Audio pronunciation, definition and examples are available for every word. It has numerous levels. Each level you beat unlocks a harder one which makes it more fun and challenging for the learners. In fact, the words you don't know is repeated until you master them. All you have to do is create an account and start learning.


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Basically it's a website. After their success on the web,they decided to build app for android and iOS. It's a great app but primarily it's a paid app. You will have to spend $2.82 in order to access this. Although it's worth buying. It is a comprehensive program for lifelong learning of vocabulary. It's powdered by the fastest dictionary, This various award winning platform claims,to use elegant algorithm & quiz machine to help you learn more productively.

3. VoLt - Vocabulary Learning

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Volt has numerous techniques to remember the difficult English words. It's highly recommended for students those are preparing for various exams like, CAT, IELTS, BBS, IAS, UPSC, CET, GMAT and many other exams. Moreover, I think it's a must app for students. You may have noticed that funny moments and stories we remember readily than boring, difficult words. If you are struggling with the same problem then, I insist you should give it try. I'm sure you will love it. Although It has in-app purchases, If you like it you won't hesitate to buy this.

4. 7 Little Words - Daily Puzzles

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If you love puzzles and riddles then I'm sure you will love this app. It tests your knowledge of dictionary & spelling. Each puzzle will consist 7 clues, 7 mystery words and 20  letter groups. The real challenge is, you'll have to find the mystery words by decoding the clues and spell out the right answer. Hence it will help you a lot to enhance your vocabulary as solving this puzzle is not simple as it seems.

5. Words With Friends

word with friends
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It is the No.1 best mobile word game. The finest thing I like about this game is you will stay in touch with distant friends. You can chat with friends through the app, access your game across all the devices. It allows you to invite friends from Facebook and Twitter or you can play with some other random player. It's highly addictive game and it helps you to learn new words which you'll have to learn to stay on the top of the leader-board. It is the one of the requested apps that people have waited to see come to Android.

Pick an app and start playing. Your vocabulary will be bigger before you know it.

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