Best Productive Apps You Must Have

best-productive-apps-you-must have

Best productive apps you must know:

We spend a lot of time searching for some productive apps, but we actually don't know which app will waste our time and which can be useful. There are some highly innovative apps which have insanely made our life easier. But today I'm highlighting some of the best productive apps. As I currently use these apps and these are very helpful for me. I hope you will also find them useful.

So down below are the best productive apps you must have

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1. Google Primer


Developed the technology giant Google. This app is suitable for those who are thinking to start an online business or a website. It will give you a basic overview about some technical stuff which would take months if you want to master them. This app provides 5 minutes lessons of SEO, marketing and at the end of the lesson, there will be a small quiz. As this app is developed by Google you can trust the content. I think I don’t have to provide more information regarding this you can check it out.

2. Ubhind


This app is specially made for the procrastinators like me who spend most of their time over the phone even if they have to do some important stuff but they procrastinate over and over again. All you have to do is set a time eg. 1 hour for which you’re determined you will not be distracted by it. In that time you can’t unlock your phone. If you switch off your phone you may miss an important call but because of this you can still get important calls, and access some other apps which are important for you. This app has been very useful for me. I hope it would be useful for you.

3.English Talk


Actually this app is made for the IELETS students but every person who wants to improve their communication skill can use this app. Some people learn a lot of words, they are good at grammar but if they don’t use them in their daily life they will ultimately forget them over some time. Through this you can communicate to any random people. It uses data connection nothing else. Don’t hesitate when you’re talking because the other person is also like you who want to improve him/her and they will not know who you are.

4. Elsa Speak


Basically, It's an accent reduction app. It will enhance your speaking level and help you sound like an American. Markedly it is powered by winning speech recognition technology. It will increase your speaking skills to prepare for exams like TOEFL, IELTS. Especially, it has a feature that finds the exact word you pronounced are incorrect. You can learn common phrases and over 2000 words which are used in our daily life. So if you want to an American accent you should try this app.

5. Life Hacks


As you may have guessed what's this app is about. Yes, It is about some very cool and useful life hacks. It has thousands of different life hacks which can be helpful to you in your daily life. Ther are are many apps like this, but I've used most of them & I found it useful as compared to others. Everyone want a shortcut in life. But these are not the short-cuts but an easier way to do or approach different things. Give it a try you will love it.

I hope I've provided convenient information. I made this list on the basis of my own experience and Google reviews and I'm currently using them. (except Ubhind because I cleared data many times so now it doesn't work on my smartphone)

If you found any of these apps useful please leave your views in the comment section below and give us feedback. (Up in the menu section)


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