Best Educational Apps For Students


Best Apps For Students

Nowadays technology has made our life so easy that we can learn everything we want to learn at our home through the most informative platform INTERNET. If you have a smartphone or laptop & an internet connection, you can learn pretty much everything. When you were younger you might have had parents to wake you up, help you in your school work. But as an adult, it's difficult to organise things, planning schedules, doing work. But luckily we have enlisted some apps for students that will help you organise your budget, make notes, learn things taught in schools, colleges. 

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So let's start our today's journey of educational apps for students.

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This is the one of the best educational app out there that everyone must have whether you're school student or a college student. This app helps you store your classes, homework and exams in the cloud making it available on any device. You can access your work anywhere you want. You will get notified for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and lets you share your time with your friends.

This is one of the best apps for students to organise your calendar so you can become more productive. You can set timetable, add photos to increase the description of the upcoming event. This app also features timetable of the day as well as a timetable of the week. This app has over 1M downloads with 4.5 start ratings. Give it a try.

You might have guessed what's this app is about. Yeah, you guessed it right. This is a math problem solver. Mathway is for those who get stuck on a math problem like me. 😛 I've used this app a couple of years ago and it was really helpful for me. Another app you can try is Photomath - Click the photo of the problem and you will get the step by step of the problem. Try these and you will be amazed.

This is a new app but the idea of this app is quite unique. Circle of 6 connect you to your 6 trusted friends. If you're in a scary or dangerous situation, you can send a pre written text to your six friends in just two taps and they will get your exact location. This app also has some important no. You can add your parents in your circle and if you're a parent then you can stay connected to your child through this app. Use this app to stay safe or help your friends.

As the name suggests this app will help you to develop habits or to track your habits. Customise your habit's category and set it as you want. You can schedule a particular work multiple times a day or every few hours. Reward yourself like watching a movie or restaurant dinner as you complete your goals. It has also a paid version in which you can customise some themes and add some more habits.

Keeping track of your expenses and budget is very important for a student. As they receive a specific amount of money every month. To become successful in life you must develop this habit. This doesn't require a lot of knowledge. This Money Manager app will help you to keep track on your expenses and saving. You can backup all your data and access on another device. Get an instant statistic report based on your data and much more.

I hope you're satisfied with these apps. 

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