Best Easiest Instruments To Learn.

By | 8th June 2017

Best Easiest Instruments To Learn: Hello welcome guys. First of all, don’t worry about myths that learning to play a musical instrument is difficult. Most of the people start learning but leave in the middle because for beginners it is quite difficult to catch-up the things at first. They lose their enthusiasm and end up wasting time and efforts. If you are also not sure then you must be very careful choosing your first instrument. But don’t think these are unchallenging, actually, the beauty of the music lies in the fact that every instrument has its own importance. Once you mastered your instrument you will have a world of opportunities to excel in your art.

It is also true that learning new things does get tougher with age but it’s never too late to learn.

Play the moments

Pause the memories

Stop the pain.

Rewind the happiness.

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So down below we have listed one of the best easiest instruments to learn.

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1. Ukulele


Originated in the 19th century. This instrument belongs to string family. When I didn’t know its name I used to call it a small guitar :D. Inexpensive to buy and very easy to play. The main difference is, the guitar has 6 strings & this little instrument does have 4 strings. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. You can easily play your favourite songs within a few weeks.

Typical price : $28

2. Melodica

Melodica often called Pianica, key harmonica, blow organ, belongs to wind instruments. Though it was invented in the 1950s, it was first used as a serious instrument in 1960s,  The thing that makes it easier is that you don’t have to learn both hand coordination.

Typical price: $30-$130 ( If you’re a beginner I would recommend you not to waste money on expensive but start with a cheap one.)



Bongos are the Afro-Cuban percussion instrument. As stated these belongs to Percussion, Drum family. Developed in the 1900s. It is one of the easiest instrument to learn. If you little about rhythms will help you progress faster. If you’re into a genre like Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Salsa then Bongos must be your calling.

Typical price: $40

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4. Harmonica


Harmonica is also known as French harp, mouth organ is used worldwide whether it is blues, pop, classical or jazz & it belong to Wind family. Widely used as the first instrument by beginners it is very easy to play. You can start playing few songs after a few days. The main thing that makes this instrument different from other is portability. You can carry it & practice it anywhere you want.

Typical price: $10-$50

5. Glockenspiel


Don’t confuse it with Xylophone. Yes, both looks similar but the difference is that Xylophone’s bars are made up of wood whereas Glockenspiel bars are made up of metal, so it is smaller and higher in pitch when compared to the former. It belongs to percussion instruments family. Yes, it is quite similar to Xylophone, but it is very easy to play and carry around. It is a great way to get in touch with your inner child and inner musician.

Typical price: $50

We’ve tried our best to assist you. I hope you’re satisfied with the list.
Suggestions are welcomed in the comment section below.

Pick one of these and start learning because

“Sometimes later becomes never”

and Finally

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7 thoughts on “Best Easiest Instruments To Learn.

  1. adamu musa

    To me so far the easiest instrument is the Harmonica the others have been difficult for me to use. nicely written though

    1. Anurag Bhagsain Post author

      Yes, I agree, the harmonica is the easiest one.

  2. Kamran

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, and I’m really inspired with your articles since I always dreaming that someday I may able to write a book.
    So thank you once again for the motivation.


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