Best Android Apps You Must Have


Best Android Apps You Must Have:

Hello guys welcome. As you know there are many apps available in the market. So it's a bit hard to find a useful app. But don't worry. We have got you covered. After doing some research we have made a list of apps which are quite useful. Most of the apps I'm mentioning here are free, though some may have a pro version. That depends upon you. Whether you want to upgrade or not. 

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So down below are the best Android apps you must have.

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Walnut is a money managing app. You can track your monthly expenses. This application works perfectly for all the banks. If you often forget to pay your bills then you should check this app. 
If you're wondering how it works?

It's quite simple. It analyses your SMS and detects information like spends, bills, tickets. If you have spent something which it this app doesn't know you can fill in it later on.

  • Check your current bank balance in this app.
  • Pay your credit cards bills.
  • Search ATMs nearby you.
  • Transfer money to other bank accounts for free.
  • Split expenses with your friends.


This is a news app. The concept of this app is very unique. This app provides the best news in 60 words or less personalised both English and Hindi. So it will save a lot of time and keep you updated with the news. No need to go through long articles. It is developed by three dropouts of IIT's back in 2013. Now, this app has received downloads over 5 million. 

So whether you belong to any age group, this app will keep you updated with current affairs.


  • Summary of all breaking news.
  • Categorywise news.
  • Bookmark option available to read the news later.
  • Search option available for easier access to information
  • Option to share the news with your family & friends.

3. Photomath

Photomath is really an amazing app. This app is perfect for students. As the name suggests. Simply open your camera hover over to the math problem and it will solve the problem. It provides you with the step by step solution of the problem. 

This app also has a pro version. If you like the basic version then you can surely upgrade to pro version. This is a must-have app for students.

  • Handwriting recognition.
  • Step-by-step solution
  • Smart Calculator

4. Duolingo

  • Enhance the ability to multitask
  • Boost the learning power
  • Makes you confident
  • Sharpens the mind
  • Open career choices
  • Improve decision making skill

Now, you may be wondering what are these? 

These are the benefits of learning a new language & Duolingo is a language learning app. The interface of the app is incredible. Most of the spoken languages are available in it. You will feel confident when you know a different language. It's not boring. Knowing a different language is cool & this app is worth a try.

5. Parallel Space

If you already know about this app please move on to next app. For those who don't know let me clarify-

You can have multiple accounts on one device at the same time. whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp or Clash of Clans. This app works for every app. It actually clones the apps which are downloaded on your phone. This app does have very beautiful themes collection. It supports about 24 languages. This app has over 50 Million users and over 1.9 million reviews.  

6. Alarmy

If you want to wake up early but couldn't because you're a sleepyhead then this is the app made for you. It has several options. Like you can only turn off the alarm by solving a critical math problem or taking a picture of something set by you. I really appreciate the developer's concept and it really helped me during my school days. If you have to do some important stuff but you couldn't wake up early? this app will wake you up. 

I hope you got something you were looking for. If any of these apps is helpful for you please leave your views in the comment box below and give us your valuable feedback up in the menu section. Suggestions are most welcomed.


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