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Best Places For Sky Diving in India

Places for Skydiving in India: Skydiving in India is one of the most loved adventurous sport by many people. Before I list some of the top places for skydiving in India. I would like to define the types of skydiving so you can get a complete perception. As stated before, this sport includes many types… Read More »

Best Places for Paragliding in India

Best Places For Paragliding In India: Paragliding is becoming popular among young generation. It is one of the best adventure sport. The feel of flying like a bird in the air is just incredible. The fresh environment energises the body and mind as well. If you also love adventure and looking for places,  then I must… Read More »

Top 5 Place For Scuba Diving In India

Top 5 Places for Scuba Diving In India:  Scuba Diving is an adventurous sport that many people love to indulge in. I’m sure you are one of them. If you don’t know how to swim but still want to dive then don’t worry, in most of the places you will be given a basic training.… Read More »