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 According to global review by United Nations women in 2013.   35 % of women and Girls worldwide experience either physical or sexual intimate, Partner violence on or non-partner sexual violence. Against women continues to be a significant obstacle to women self-realization and violets are right to it life dignity. Crime Bureau statistics show that’s violence against women still provides a home, workplaces, and Public Places. In the same year, it was reviewed by Northeast network that 72.5 % of women face sexual harassment and violence in the city of Guwahati. Such force is not random violence in which the victims happened to be women and Girls. The risk factor is being female in other words to roots such violence is gender-based. Registered cases are only the cheapest the iceberg, most cases, are not reported due to fear and stigma. The government is adopting recently many policies to prevent and redress violence against women

What is sexual harassment?

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is defensive contact faced by women and includes any unwanted on welcome and unlawful behavior that has the sexual connotation. Such reactions include physical veliger and nonveliger actions and gestures such as unwanted name calling patting stocking or flashing private parts smacking lips, learning elevator eyes, making sexually explicit telephone calls, emails, SMS MMS, letters, unwanted invites for date and so one. Giving the alarming situation government and other institutional bodies have adopted progressive legislation and have modified existing Lows.
Indian actress the criminal law amendment at 2013 which brought several changes to the Indian penal code about sexual offenses on women

It defines and penalized sexual harassment which includes

Section 294

Under this section, if a person sings recite or utters any obscene song, ballad or words in or near any public place. That can lead to imprisonment for a term and may extend to 3-month or with fine or both.
Section 354 and 509 Assault or use of Criminal force of Any kind with the intent to outrageous woman’s modest or dignity. Like attempts to physically attack sexually molest and verbally abused. It can lead to imprisonment up to two years. or liable to pay a fine or both

Section 354-B

Anyone one who assault or use Criminal force on any woman with the intention of disrobing or forcing her to disrobe it leads to imprisonment for not less than 3- 7 years or will be liable to pay a fine or both.

Section 354(c)

Voyeurism like watching, capturing, or disseminating images of women engaging in private actions. Such offense will lead to imprisonment of not less than 1-3 years and up to 7 years for repeat offenders.

Section 354(D)

Stroking, meaning following a woman physically or electronically even if that person object it is punishable with IMPRISONMENT of up to three years and 5 years for repeat offenders.

Sexual harassment of women after a workplace

Sexual harassment against women can take place anywhere at home, workplace or in public when such contact takes place a the workplace it is termed sexual harassment of women at the workplace(SHWWP). Many women are often forced to leave their jobs and work to avoid sexual harassment. It results in loses to both individuals and institutions.
an act of SHWWP can be categorized into 2
Quit Pro quo meaning-this for that which is sexual harassment caused by those in Authority or power in unemployment. It relates to abusive authority resulting in substantial or noticeable employment-related activities.

A hostile work environment is When the abuse does result from employment action but create an unfriendly work environment making a woman employee feed uncomfortable or threatened.

When a woman faces sexual harassment at the workplace, she can make a
complaint to the following

1.Internal complains committee ICC

It is mandatory for each workplace with 10 or more employees to have a nice easy and place with the senior woman employee as presiding officer at least two employees familiar with legal knowledge, social Work, women’s issues and 3rd party representative from an NGO or activist committed to the cause of women. Especially the issue of sexual harassment. 50% members of the committee should be women.

2.Local complaints committee LCC

An organization having less than ten employees, domestic workers and those not having ICC make complain to the LCC at the district level formed by the government. One can also check the official website of District Administration for LCC. Most of the women who experience this act of sexual harassment do not file a complaint due to fear, ignorance, and honor.
Research shows that merely ignoring the behavioral is ineffective and may even encourage such offensive behavior. Sexual harassment at work please is not about sexual attraction it is about power dynamics at the workplace

TAKE ACTION report now sexual harassment is a crime.Take help of law visit your near legal service police station or women commission file 100.



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