5 Ways to Raise Funding For a Startup

5 Ways of funding for a Startup Now a day young generation is interested in starting their own business and be their own boss. It’s wonderful because at least they are doing something new apart from the rat race of getting jobs. One of the crucial stage for a startup is getting funds, you have… Read More »

How to deal with Criticism

5 Secrets to Deal With Criticism Being afraid of criticism is doing more harm than any disease. People love to meddle and criticize. Of course, it makes them feel superior. We are the creature of emotions so we feel bad being criticized. Today I’m going to share some proven ways to deal with criticism, it… Read More »

How to score good marks

How to Score Good Marks I am here to discuss some points which will make your study fun. We often took study as a burden on us but actually, we can convert it into fun. Basically what I want to say is that how we can enjoy the study. So do you want to know… Read More »

Maintaining a long distance Relationship

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship Talking about relationships we always have in our mind that nothing is permanent in this world.  But if you wish you can have your partners until the last breath.  It’s all in your hand.  The way you treat your other half.  We always think that is he/she cheating on us… Read More »

Strategic Planning for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Hello and Welcome. Today I’ll share some tips on Strategic Planning for small business entrepreneurs which can give you an edge over your rivals in the market. Are you small business owner trying to get more sales or a running a startup but not getting much attention from your customers. I’m sure these steps will… Read More »

Top 10 NBA Players

Top 10 NBA Players:  Everyone is excited to know who are the top 10 NBA players. Is that James Harden? LeBron James? or Russel Westbrook? Don’t worry today we’re going to talk about the top 10 NBA players or let’s say your favourite top 10 NBA players. We have included their 2017 playoff averages to… Read More »

Top 10 Richest Football Club in the World

Top Richest Football Club in the World: Richest club can be referred as best players, world class facilities and hugh salary for players and workers. Most of the clubs are owned by billionaires and stakeholders. So today we’re going to talk about top richest football club in the world. So let’s start our journey of… Read More »

Top 10 Richest Cricketer in The World

Top 10 richest cricketer in the world: It’s very tough to be in the top 10 list in any field. It requires determination, burning desire, commitment and a lot of hard work. All these things made these players in the Top 10 Richest Player list. I know you’re curious to know. But be patient you will… Read More »

Best Places For Sky Diving in India

Places for Skydiving in India: Skydiving in India is one of the most loved adventurous sport by many people. Before I list some of the top places for skydiving in India. I would like to define the types of skydiving so you can get a complete perception. As stated before, this sport includes many types… Read More »